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Is Ministry of Freedom Legit?

Find out from a real student of Ministry of Freedom

You Decide Your Future!


  • Ministry of Freedom is COMPLETELY Legit!

    [How much money can I make?]

    Money matches effort

    If you follow the guidance, techniques and processes in the course, you can make a massive return on your investment and make life changing money!

    [Can anyone make money?]


    Students of all ages are learning for the first time or extending their knowledge of how to make real money online with internet marketing.

    [Do I need special skills?]


    In the group, there are complete beginners to internet marketing and some very advanced users.  Everyone helps each other and the course has clear structure to follow.

    [Is there support?]


    There are 3 live webinar sessions per week and a very active and focussed Facebook group for members to learn, interact with other students, admins and Jono.

    Should you sign up?

    If you are struggling to make internet marketing work, facing redundancy, trying to make additional income or just generally want to make money online, Ministry of Freedom is a well structured and almost guaranteed way to make money online.

    There are no guarantees offered but, from my own experience, I have made money in the first 2 weeks, that is more than I made in 6+ months of internet marketing. 

    The course is not a get rich quick scheme, not a guaranteed money maker, it requires commitment, effort and dedication. If you cannot apply yourself then do not sign up. If you are curious, sign up and follow the free methods and start making commissions thanks to Jono's incentives.

    If you have already made some money and want to explode your income, there are advanced training, methods and tools that Jono give you to make 4-5 figure income in days or weeks.

    There is nothing out there like this complete course, Jono is dedicated to help you make a real change in your life if you are dedicated and follow the training.  For income proofs, member testimonials and more, click on the link below and find out what other real students make of The Ministry of Freedom.

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